Interesting facts about sausage and frankfurters

1. In Germany there is a restaurant, the menu of which has golden frankfurters. Indeed ordinary frankfurters covered with a thin layer of gold.

2. In Serbia, the butchers set a record by making a sausage, more than two kilometers long.

3. Residents of Nizhny Novgorod in honor of the 780 anniversary of the city have made the biggest in Russia sausage sandwich

4. In England, the annual Tournament was champion of blood sausage toss.

5. Special equipment, sniff suitcases in search of explosives, often gives false positives on the luggage of tourists from Germany. You see, in the sausage containing nitrite sodium (thanks to him sausage has red color), which is a component of many mass explosives so take a German delicacy for terrorist action.

Information prepared based on internet resource