How to cook frankfurters?

It seems very simple - but no.

The questions that arise from a person who does not know how to cook frankfurters:

- Do I have to remove the casing from the frankfurters before cooking?

- Throwing frankfurters in boiling water or cold? 

- Does Salt Water?

- Do I need to make cuts (or even, cut into pieces) before cooking?

- How to cook frankfurters?

- Rinse in cold water, frankfurters, or not?

Describe the most simple and universal scheme for those who do not know how to cook frankfurters:

1. Clear the frankfurters from the casing (frankfurters in natural casing can be not cleaned).

2. Pour into a casserole, where you will cook frankfurters, fill cold water covered frankfurters 1-2 cm.

Boil frankfurters.

3. Put on medium heat.

4. After water is boiling, cook 2-3 minutes.

5. Drain the water.

Bon Appetite!

Information prepared based on internet resources