How to choose frankfurters?

Firstly pay attention to the composition. In the heading list of ingredients should be pork.


Frankfurters differ not only in size but also in color. Pale pink frankfurters? It is what you need! But intense red shades indicate that the producer is too far with the dyes.

The surface of quality frankfurters should be clean, dry, and smooth, with no damage to the casing and it should not be any fat stains. By the way, natural casing should not be wrinkled, otherwise frankfurters are already staled. And yet, frankfurters must be elastic, and after you quickly restore its shape. If they are easily broken up when bent, so the manufacturer added a lot of starch - these do not take.

Storage and Shelf Life

If you choose a product sold by weight, ask the seller about the expiry dates of products. Pay attention where and how store frankfurters. This product is like colder environment, and therefore must be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature no higher than 6 degrees. Today, manufacturers often packed frankfurters in vacuum - it prolongs the shelf life and further protects the product from microbial contamination. But in this case, observe the fact that in the package there was not water droplets - in this case, the technology has been broken, and the product could have spoiled!

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