Daugavpils meat factory offers the wide range of frankfurters, scalded sausages, boiled sausages, smoked and half smoked sausages, cervelat, cold smoked sausages, smoked meat etc.

In the process of manufacturing is used fresh, chilled meat which allows to save the most valuable properties. The products are made by drying the meat in natural environment - alder smoke - as well as using the highest quality spices.

Daugavpils meat factory is proud of cold smoked sausages, which are distinguished by high quality and taste. Cold-smoked sausage is a delicacy, and they have always been an expensive product. Sausage production and preparation lasts from 25 to 45 days, depending on the diameter of the finished product. The main characteristic of cold smoked sausage - sausage is smoked cold. In the production process raw materials do not have heat treatment; the meat is exposed to long fermentation and drying process. Currently, in the assortment of Daugavpils meat factory there are 8 cold smoked sausages.

The enterprise produces also cervelat

Cervelat - one of the smoked sausage delicacies. Daugavpils meat factory offers a wide range of cervelat (cervelate „Tallina”, cervelate „Dinaburga”, cervelate „Finnish”, cervelate „Moscow”, cervelate „Capital”, cervelat „Monastery”).

Company's customers have appreciated the product of series "Smoked". Product series name is due to the drying process of natural alder chips. The products are made of the highest quality pork, adding spices and dried products in alder smoke, which gives the product a smoky flavor and reminiscent of old-time recipes.

Advantages of Daugavpils meat factory products: 

  • High-quality, natural raw materials; 
  • High quality products and excellent taste; 
  • Wide range of products; 
  • Attractive and modern appearance of products (packaging); 
  • Competitive prices; 
  • Stable, actively growing, perspective company.